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This 36' flybridge
packs a powerful

Mike Mullen is an easy going North Carolina native with a keen sense
of design. He has a strong working knowledge of just about every kind
of marine vessel there is – from ferryboat maintenance and renovations
to working on aircraft carriers, he has done it all. His experience as a commercial fisherman and shipfitter naturally prepared him for a career
in boatbuilding. Mike definitely has his sea legs and a resume to prove
it. He even formulated his own line of epoxy resins for the fishing and marine industries, working closely with chemists at Ciba-Geigy Laboratories in Brewster, New York.

Every aspect of the boat building process here at Laurel Point is directly
supervised by Mike. His team is made up of hard-working craftsmen that
share his pursuit of perfection. This is no high speed assembly line but a
labor of love with strict attention to detail. Scott McLaughlin, owner of
Laurel Point Boatworks, states “Mike Mullen is as solid as the boats we build.” We think you will appreciate the difference personal accountability makes.

Mike points out
a few ways that he
and the crew have
gone the extra mile
in the design of the
boat's structure.


Above: This Custom Stern Quarter Exhaust was all hand-done in the manner of larger custom yachts.
Rather than utilize factory-made
metal pieces that would deteriorate over time, this has now been cutom-
moulded and incorporated into the overall structure of the boat and will
last forever.

Left: Again, a factory-made piece could have just been bolted in here, but Mike has gone the extra mile and fiber-glassed in this shaft log, whose tides incorporate dripless shaft seals. It's makes the structure more sound and again, it will last forever.